Upload File

Upload File

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To Upload file follow these steps:

1. There are multiple ways you can Upload file/files (Note: Folder/Folders cannot be uploaded).


2. Click on Upload icon as shown in the above image to select the file/files to Upload from file system.

3. If the file with the same name exists, the system will add a new version or you can select Replace Default to replace the active default version of the file

4. You can add the Description to the file is you wish to.

5. When uploading file/files you have option to assign the default share privileges from the previous default file with the same name (if exists) by checking the box        which says "Assign default version share privilege" alternatively you can assign the new share privileges from the Privilege tab (image below) and assign the new share privileges to the Users and Roles. (Note: you are not require to assign share privileges, the file can be uploaded without any share privileges)

6. If you are sharing file with other Users or Roles remember to update the the Visibility type from the drop down list i.e. Private, Public or Internal (selecting Private will restrict the visibility to the file owner only, Internal will make the file available to the Internal users only, and selecting Public will extend file visibility to the end users as well.


7. Finally click button to Upload the selected file/files.