This section will guide you on simple tips for short cut keys and overview of floating bar, here you will find different options available to the users when accessing floating bar. Floating menu option changes depending on the sections you are in:

Some of the floating bar examples shown here are:

  • Report Floating Bar
  • Analytic Floating Bar
  • OLAP Analytic Floating Bar
  • QuickLink
  • Short Cut Keys

    1. Report Floating Bar :



    1. Analytic Floating Bar :


    1. OLAP Analytic Floating Bar:


    1. QuickLink:


                       QuickLinks allows user to save the link of the section as a QuickLink which they can go to by simply clicking the QuickLink on the Floating Bar as shown in                image above.

                       To save a section as a QuickLink Simply right click on the QuickLink icon on the floating bar and click on button to save the link                of the page as QuickLink.

                       To navigate to the saved QuickLink, simply click on the QuickLink icon and you will see the saved QuickLink to Navigate.

    1. Short cut Keys :


                       Short cut Keys allows user to go directly to the desired page by using the dedicated Short cut Key of that particular page as shown in the image below,                        you can see the short cut keys options by holding Shift key and ?