Schedule enable user to run the existing LOV (List of Values) at certain intervals to make system automation.

To Edit LOV (List of Values), follow these steps: (Only users with List of Values privilege have access to this section)

1. To schedule LOV select the desire LOV and right click and select from the context menu.  This will open a dialog box containing LOV information as shown in the image below.


2. Select the associated Mappings from the footer menu first drop down from the left as shown in above image. where Overall Mapping is selected.

3. Select individual rows by checking the box at the beginning of each row or the top check box to select all the rows.

4. Click on Icon/button to move to the Schedule dialog box as shown in image below.  


5. All the parameter values are coming from the Mapping, however you can manually update the mapped columns if required.

6. Click on Schedule tab and update values for options if required.

7. Click on Output tab and update values for options if required.

8. Finally click on button to schedule LOV.