Maps widget will enable users to create variety of maps using their own data to create customized maps to see the data in map visualization

To Add a Map Widget in dashboard, follow the steps below:

1. Click on Component icon from the top right corner menu, a list of the available component will open up as follows:

2. Click on   Component from the list of component into the dashboard, a configuration box would open as follows:

3. Go to Datasource tab and follow below steps:

    • Provide Widget name (make sure name should be unique).
    • Then Select desired datasource as shown below:

4. Go to Formatting tab and follow below steps:

    • From available Data Columns drag and drop columns to Location Id.
    • Select appropriate Aggregator from drop down.
    • and drag and drop Data Columns  to Value.  

5. Click On button to create a chart.

6. Map can be shown in the below figure:-