Filter enable users to create filter which can then be used to filter the existing dashboard, multiple tabs and multiple widgets.

To Create New Filter, follow the steps below:

    • Click on icon at top left corner (A left side panel will be open).

    • Click on Manage Filter as shown in above image, it would open Filter dialogue box as below.


    • In Filter Widgets Tab, Provide desired Name of the Filter.  The Height and Width of the Filter are predefined and can be updated.

    • Display Type allows  users to create the type of the filter using the drop down menu box i.e. Text Box, List Box, Multiselect, Date, Radio, Checkbox etc.

    • If selected Display Type is Radio or Checkbox, select Align from the drop down menu to Horizontal or Vertical as desired.

    • Select one of the Source to create widget from,

      • Static
      • Datasets
      • ListOfValues
      • Widgets
      • Parameters

    • Select datasete from the Available datasets box select single dataset and single column as a source for your filter, Selected Column will appear as follow: This column values will be used to filter the links widgets.

    • You can provide a default value if you want.
    • To hide a filter you can select hide checkbox.
    • To show All-None option in select box.

2.  Go to Link Filters and Widgets Tab to link other widgets, you will get list of the widgets in the Available Columns, you can link as many widgets you like.


3.  Select appropriate values as desired as shown above.

4. Click on to create Filter.


1. Multiple filter is possible in Active Intelligence Dashboard, each filter can then be linked with multiple        widgets and can be use to filter with different values.

2. You can only select one source widgets from which the other widgets will get filter.

3. Widgets in different tab within the same dashboard can also be filtered.

4. Users can create Cascading parameters as well.