To Create a Role, follow these steps: (Only users with Administrator privileges have access to Roles section)

1. There are multiple ways you can Create a Role (select any Roles whilst in Role section and right click and select from the context menu, select from the footer menu bar or from the right top corner drop icon , next to the help icon ).

    • Click button from the footer menu bar.
    • The following dialog box will appear:



2. Fill in the required details in the Create User form:

Name - Role name must be Unique (required field)

Email - Email address for the Role  (required field)

Description - Role Description if you would like to add notes/description (not required field)

Admin - To create Admin Role simply active Admin by moving the slider to the right, the bar will turn Green and all the other options will get disabled. (This will give role Admin privileges)

Options - When Role is not part of Admin Role, Administrator can assign different privilege to the Role depending on the Role they are creating, this can be done using the Option, there are three Options available for each sections i.e. No Access (Users with this Role will have no access to the selected sections) View (Users with this Role will have only view privileges, that means they cannot edit or create new files in the selected sections) Full Access (Users with this Role will have all the rights such as create, edit, upload and delete the files for the sections with Full Access)

Following are the sections to which the above three options are available for the Role :




Privilege to access Adhoc Section


Privilege to access Parameter Section


Privilege to Schedule report,dataset


Privilege to access Annotation Section


Privilege to access Dashboard Section


Privilege to access Dataset Section

Dynamic Message

Privilege to access Dynamic Message Section

Report on the Fly

Privilege to access Report on the Fly Section

List of Values

Privilege to access List of Values Section


Privilege to access Mapping Section

Merge Reports

Privilege to access Merge Reports Section


Privilege to access Notification Section

Quick Run

Privilege to access Quick Run Section


Privilege to access Reports Section


Privilege to access Request Section

Shared Resources

Privilege to access Shared Resources Section

Olap Analytics

Privilege to access Olap Analytics Section

4. Finally click to create a new Role.