To Create Parameter, follow these steps: (Only users with Parameter privilege have access to this section)

1. There are multiple ways you can Create a Parameter (select any Parameter whilst in Parameter section and right click and select from the context menu, select from the footer menu bar or from the right top corner drop icon select, next to the help icon ).

    • Click on button from the footer menu bar to create a new Parameter
    • The following dialog box will appear:


2. Fill in the required fields in the Create Parameter form:

Parameter Name - Parameter Name must be Unique, this will be used for link the parameter when creating parameter dataset (required field)

Prompt Text - To help user when Parameter box prompts for input (required field)

Data Type - Select the Data Type for the Parameter (required field)

Format as  - This is selected as custom by default (required field)

Display Type  - User can decide how they would like Parameter value to be presented using the Display Type, there are three Display Type to choose from (required field):

  • Text Box (Plain Text box where user can put parameter value text, this can only be static)
  • List Box (This can be static or dynamic)
  • Radio Button (This can be static or dynamic)

Help Text  - This can be added if required (not a required field)

User can decide to enable the following option for the Parameter:

  • Hidden - Parameter value will be applied, however it will not be visible to end user
  • Require - Currently in all the cases Parameter will be required whether the box is checked or unchecked.
  • Dynamic - This option only get active when Display Type is selected as List Box or Radio Button, user can pull the parameter value dynamically from the Dataset.

Select Dataset - This option will be enable only when Dynamic check box is checked, user must than select the dataset to pull the parameter value

Display Text - Display text for the end user

Value - Column name from where the values of the parameter will be displayed and applied

Linked Parameter and Filter Column - This option is only require when creating Cascading parameter


3. Finally click on button to create a new Parameter.