Create list of values

Create list of values

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To Create LOV (List of Values), follow these steps: (Only users with List of Values privilege have access to this section)

There are two types of LOV can be created Static and Dynamic.

Static - Static LOV are the LOV where the data won't refresh each time when the new data are updated, there are multiple ways user can create Static LOV:

Dynamic - Dynamic LOV are the LOV where the new information can be made available at a scheduled time, there are two ways user can create Dynamic LOV:

1. There are multiple ways you can Create List of Values (select any List of Values whilst in List of Values section and right click and select from the context menu, select from the footer menu bar or from the right top corner drop icon select , next to the help icon ).

2. We are going to high level example of Static LOV:


3. Provide LOV Name (required field).

4. Typical example of Static LOV shown in the image below:


5. Click on button to start inserting the values for each columns (Note: User can add any number of rows to your LOV).

Note: button clears all the old data and allow user to put in the fresh data manually, should user wishes to edit few rows, it is recommended that they do this at row level editing.

6. Remember to click on button to save the newly inserted data in your LOV.

7. Finally click on button to create a new LOV.