To Create Dataset, follow these steps: (Only users with Dataset privilege have access to this section)

1. There are multiple ways you can Create a Dataset (select any Dataset whilst in Dataset section and right click and select from the context menu, select from the footer menu bar or from the right top corner drop icon , next to the help icon ).

    • Click button from the footer menu bar to create a new Dataset
    • The following dialog box will appear:


2. Fill in the required details in the General tab in the Create Dataset box as shown in the image below to create a new Dataset:

Name -  name must be Unique (required field)

Datasource Type - Select the type of Dataset you would like to create from the available list, you can also create custom Dataset, Custom will enable users to create a Dataset from the source which are not available in the list by selecting the Custom from the list (required field)

Store Procedure - check the box which says Store Procedure if its a part of Store Procedure

Query - User can write SQL Query to extract the data from the desire Data source.


3. In Parameter Tab (as shown in the below Image), set values of parameter to create a Parameter Dataset if parameter variable is created in Query in {{ }}. For Example: select * from customers where country IN ({{country_param}}). Here {{country_param}} is the parameter that is created in Query. (Note: Parameter is not required if the query doesn't take any Parameters)


3. Output Columns Tab (as shown in the below image) displays all the fields which extracted from the Datasource, Data Type of the fields and finally the Alias (Note: Alias can be updated manually if requires)


4. Preview Tab, displays the preview of the expected result from the generated query.

    • When Parameters are used in the dataset,  clicking on Preview Tab will prompt for parameter box as shown in the below image:


    • Enter Parameter Value and click button to preview data.

    • Data Preview is limited to the first 500 records by default (as shown in the image below), however check the box which says Show all data to display all the data.



5. Hierarchies Tab enable users to create multilevel Drill from the available fields (also called different level hierarchy):

For Instance: If user wants to analyse sales by country and then by city within the selected country and finally the detailed information of product sold within that city, then they would simply required to select the columns in the same order as following and move the columns under Hierarchy name (Note: Hierarchy name is required field) Once the Hierarchy is created it can be used in any widget when creating Dashboard.

  1. Country
  2. City
  3. Product

Note: There are no limit on numbers of Hierarchy a user can create, all the Hierarchy will be displayed under Existing hierarchies


5. Finally click button to create a new Dataset.