To Create Annotation Groups and Item key, follow these steps: (Only users with Annotation privilege have access to this section)

1. Create Annotation allows you to create a new Annotation with Groups and Item key.

    • To create Annotation Group, click on button from the list of top left corner icons.
    • The following Dialog box will appear:

2. Fill in the required fields in the Create Annotation:

Group Name - Group Name must be Unique (required field)

Start Date - Start date for your group Annotation (required field)

End Date - End Date for your group Annotations (not a required field)

Visibility Type - Select Visibility type from the drop down list i.e. Private, Public or Internal (selecting Private will restrict the visibility to the file owner only, Internal will make the file available to the Internal users only, and selecting Public will extend file visibility to the end users as well.

Short Description - Helpful for user to know more about the group

Description - Detail description which will be sent to the consumers

3. Finally click on button to create a new Annotation Group.

4. All the groups user creates will be available under the Annotations as shown in image below, the below example have three groups  (Note: Groups can be identified by icon)


5. To create an Item within a Annotation group, select the group and click on , Create Item form will appear as follow:


6. Fill in the required fields in the Create Item key, same as how we did when create Annotation Group above: (Note: Group Name will come by default)

7. Group Items are visible under Group as shown in the below image


6. Finally click on button to create Item key.