To Create a File Type, follow these steps: (Only users with Administrator privileges have access to File Types section)

1. There are multiple ways you can Create a File Type (select any available File Types whilst in File Types section and right click and select from the context menu, select from the footer menu bar or from the right top corner drop icon, next to the help icon ).

    • Click button from the footer menu bar.
    • The following dialog box will appear:



2. Fill in the required details in the Create User form:

Filetype Name - File Type name must be Unique, this will be used to identify if same File Type is used within AIS (required field)

Description - If you would like to add any information for the File Type for other users (not required field)

Small Image & Large Image - Both the images are required for the File Type (required field, both the images can be same)

Is OutputType - If the File Type you are creating is Output Type itself then check the box which says Is OutputType else  select the existing File Type from the Available list.

3. Finally click button to create a new File Type.