Copy files

Copy files

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To Copy file and folders follow these steps:

1. There are multiple ways you can Copy the file and folders (select any file and right click and selectfrom the context menu, or from the footer menu bar).


2. By default same name will be given when copying single or multiple file and folder to the new location, However name can be updated at the time of copying single file or folder. (Note: File or Folder name can be updated any time by selecting the desire file or folder and by selecting Properties option from the Context menu.

3. Select the desire location from the available folders or you can create a new folder using Button from the Copy dialogue box as shown in the image above.

4. When copying file or folders from one location to the another all the current privilege assigned to the files are attached with it, however to changes the privileges unchecked the box which says Copy current privileges and visibility (image below) from the Privilege tab and assign the new privileges to the Users and Roles.


5. Finally click button to copy file or folders.