Control Panel enable user specific customization such as Language settings i.e. Dutch, Arabic, French, Chinese etc. (currently AIS 2.0 offers/supports eight widely used languages) set the Time zone, enable the Backup User and much more.

To access Control Panel click on drop down menu next to the user name at top right corner and select (Note: Control Panel is specific to each user, Admin is the user name in the image below).


1. Control Panel enable users to customize/update the below preferences:

Default Dashboard - Enable user to choose their Default Dashboard from the list of available dashboards        

Landing Page - Landing page can be user specific, which means each time when user logs in to AIS (Active Intelligence Server) the section set as a Landing Page will be displayed as a first page.

Locale (Language) - User can set any Locale (Language) from the list of available Locale (Languages), this will enable user to see all the menu items in their native/set language (currently AIS 2.0 offers/supports eight widely used languages)

Time zone - Set your server Time Zone of your own choice

Backup User - Backup User are the users who can manage user/users account in their absence from work or simply can't access AIS for set duration of time, Assigned Backup User can access user/users account for set time allowing organization to operate smoothly in the user/users absence.  The User can easily Enable or Disable Backup User also can specify future dates

Change Password - User can make changes to their log in password to AIS (Active Intelligence Server)  

  1. Click on Save icon  on the top right corner in Control Panel for changes to take effect. (Note: This is very important to prevent losing your work)