To Add Widgets, follow these steps: (Only users with Dashboard privilege have access to this section)

Below are different component to create a dashboard

    • Tables
    • Charts
    • Maps
    • Reports
    • KPI
    • Custom Visualization
    • Image & Text
    • Pivot
    • Report Management
    • Form Builder

To add a Widget in dashboard canvas, follow the steps below:

1. Click on Edit Mode and click on Component icon/button from the top right corner menu, it will open up the list of the available components which user can use to create a dashboard.

2. Click on the desired component from the available list  to add a component to the dashboard canvas.  Click on the component from the menu, the widget configuration box would open up, connect with the data source and customize the widget properties using the options available.

3. After adding Widgets to the dashboard, remember to Click Save icon from the top right corner menu to save your dashboard as shown in the above image.


    • You can add multiple tabs and widgets in a single dashboard.