About Active Intelligence Server

About Active Intelligence Server

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Active Intelligence Server (AIS) is a web based Business Intelligence Suite which enable user to securely share and schedule reports to make system automation without compromising the security. Currently AIS support BIRT open source, Tibco Jaspersoft and Pentaho Reports, any reports developed using these reporting tools can be deployed onto Active intelligence server for easy sharing and scheduling.

Active Intelligence Server empowers businesses with the tool they require to transform data into information, AIS offers package solution which includes Report designer, Active Intelligence Analytic Tool and Active Intelligence Data Visualization to analyse data and to create powerful dashboard to make informed decisions.

AIS is simple to use and provide gorgeous user Interface (UI) which is easily adoptable.  If you do not find the answers you were looking for in this help document, please contact our support team at support@activeintelligence.co.uk

If you think something is not right with this document, please let us know immediately at support@activeintelligence.co.uk we are continuously improving and adding more references in social channels.

On-line tutorials are also available through our YouTube channel; please follow the link to watch tutorials.